Sunday, January 20, 2008

35 year old teens

What the hell? How old are the actors in this movie?
All the teenagers in this movie look really old.
The chick that's playing Kathy looks thirty! She has pretty nice set though. Is it Bunny Campbell? i think she posed in some Mens magazines in the early 70's.
Can anyone confirm this?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Director rewrites

So I'm trying to read the shooting script as I watch the film again. Man is it different. I had always read that Director Otto Valkenberg was tough to get along with and maybe the fights he supposedly had with Sid account for the many script changes. Doesn't look to me like he followed Strassen's script at all. There's a few notes in her about Zombies feasting on the flesh of rabbits, but I don't remember seeing that in the film anywhere.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Laughable dialogue

I sat down with the writer today, Rob Voyles and started watching the film. It's hard to believe people talked like that back then.
Rob's gonna have a lot fun rewriting this for the comic adaptation.
Rob is really good writer, but he's no Elheim Strassen.
Sorry Rob. Something to shoot for.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Zombie Cheerleaders on VHS

The movie company sent me a really bad vhs copy of the film. Apparently it's not available on DVD. Wow really? Wizard of Oz and Casablanca on DVD, but not this gem???
Anyway. The original film print must have been in pretty bad shape.
The tape is from 1987 and the film itself is 30 years old, so it's understandable. The sound isn't bad though.
Trying to get likenesses off the film may be kind of tough. Haven't found too many photo references on the internet. The actors are kind of obscure. So the tape is all I have to work with.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Call from Sid Wilhine- Sort of.

Ok, we all know low budget horror film producer Sid Wilhine died in 1997. I remember it because Celebrities always die in threes. Robert Mitchum July 1, James Stewart July 2, and Sid Wilhine July 5.
So not from him directly.
Anyway I got a call from my agent telling me the estate of Sid Wilhine found the original shooting script for his 1978 film Zombie Cheerleaders from Hell and wanted to adapt it into a comic book.
Ok Sounds good to me. I remember seeing that film along time ago on late night TV. Edited though. I'm hoping they'll send me a DVD of the film.
I was never a big fan of Wilhine, but I did like a few of his films.
My favorite was a lesser known film called Voluptuous Flight Attendants from the Grave.