Sunday, January 6, 2008

Call from Sid Wilhine- Sort of.

Ok, we all know low budget horror film producer Sid Wilhine died in 1997. I remember it because Celebrities always die in threes. Robert Mitchum July 1, James Stewart July 2, and Sid Wilhine July 5.
So not from him directly.
Anyway I got a call from my agent telling me the estate of Sid Wilhine found the original shooting script for his 1978 film Zombie Cheerleaders from Hell and wanted to adapt it into a comic book.
Ok Sounds good to me. I remember seeing that film along time ago on late night TV. Edited though. I'm hoping they'll send me a DVD of the film.
I was never a big fan of Wilhine, but I did like a few of his films.
My favorite was a lesser known film called Voluptuous Flight Attendants from the Grave.

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