Friday, December 25, 2009

Rewiting A Cult Classic

  This has been an interesting and difficult project to write. On the one hand, since pretty much everyone with any creative role in the original movie is dead, there isn't anyone to complain about the transfer from one medium to another. On the other hand, you can't get any assistance or input if you need it.
  When the life of Buckaroo Banzai was taken to the big screen, the writers had the full cooperation of the Banzai Institute. That level of input can really be a benefit to a project. Of course, in that case, the writers had the advantage of  immortalizing a well known and beloved hero to many. Much was already known about Dr. Banzai so there was quite a bit of material to draw from.
  That is very different than taking a cult classic horror flick and turning into a comic book. You have to do your best to transfer the story, hit all the plot points, and create the feel of the original, without pissing off the fans of the original. The biggest draw back to a project like this can be the fans. They can get pretty upset when you start messing around with one of these classics.

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